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A Whiff

A whiff of Trader Joes Pad Thai made me giddy! It hadn't occurred to me that smell would be another casualty of this cancer. But guess what - when you don't breathe in through your nose and mouth the air doesn't move into your nose and you don't smell. Today we got a small hand fan and i held it up to Siena's steamy bowl of noodles and shoved my nose into it...THERE! I smelled it! How divine smell is when its been missing.

I had another first today, as well. We had the follow up with my reconstructive surgeon, Dr.Seth. Aside from a small skin infection, everything looked great. My 'Thongue' is healing well. (We dubbed the dummy mass replacement for my tongue 'Thongue' as it was created from a swath of my thigh). It even has a dent in the center like a tongue does. The scary part of the appointment was that it was time to remove the tube that went down my esophagus and up my nose. I gripped the chair arms hard and he fished into my throat and withdrew a large beast.

Yes, that horribly large tube with the red extension was inside my throat! Once extracted there was an immediate relief, a constriction, a tightness in my throat was gone. Don't get me wrong, i still have exterior tightness from swelling but part of it gratefully subsided with the removal of the tube.

Then we proceeded down for a swallow study. Before surgery I assumed i would never drink again. I was nervous, without a tongue to use would i just sputter out the liquid? The cool liquid funneled down the back of my throat. No taste (although it was said to taste bad) - but the coolness was a pleasant surprise. We must wait to see if it's an all clear, but it if is, i will drink again!! Ahhh water....i miss you water....

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The Plan


Feb 18, 2022

Oh my. That was a big tube. I am amazed by your strength and wonderful humor! ❤️


Carrie Dovzak
Carrie Dovzak
Feb 18, 2022

This has always been my trick while traveling, and going into gross bathrooms, etc. Just don’t breathe through your nose! Glad you were able to take a whiff!


Feb 17, 2022

What a relief to have that massive tube out! I expected it to be much smaller until you shared this picture. Glad you have relief of not having the internal pressure. How wonderful to discover your sense of smell again! Glad the swallow of water went well too! You are our champ!


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