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Call me Larry

My face has evolved (3 weeks post surgery, 3x smaller) !!! Last night the girls realized that I no longer look like Ryan R - I have a new identity as Veggie Tales Larry! I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing when they showed me this because it was so spot on. With my new identity, I felt confident enough to ditch my scarf and just wear my jacket on our walk today. My neck is healed enough so as to not make anyone reflex gag, I hope!

Speaking of vegetables, lets talk about the Isosource tube feed formula they standard issue out of the hospital. I would expect more, I suppose over anticipating the nutrition savvyof doctors in San Francisco. Reading the nutrition label is a lesson in processed foods - good god you want me to shove mostly GLUCOSE SYRUP into my body 4 times a day? What in the world? Thanks but no thanks Nestle.

Thankfully I had done some research prior and found there ARE alternates to this. I settled on Kate Farms plant based formula. Yes, its more expensive. No, my insurance doesn't cover any of these. Considering this is the only thing I'm 'eating' right now, i would say its well worth it.

My next step however is to start making my own blends from actual food. Luckily I just 'inherited' a Ninja from my mom's household....because the formula has to be ultra smooth to go into the tube. We cleared it with the nutritionist yesterday and plan on starting up production later this week and incorporating for one meal a day to start. In order to track Nutritional info I am using the Cronometer app to enter my recipe. The free basic version of this app enables you to get more macro and micro info than My Fitness Pal and their data is more evidence based than MFP which is user based. I will post you on the adventure of making it later on. Should be super yummy - everything from blueberries to broccoli in one 'smoothie'. You KNOW you are jealous!

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The Plan


Feb 20, 2022

Us Larrys are all honored that you are borrowing our name for the moment. Never heard of him until now but all laughs are good .

Love you Sonya and love the communication with the blogs. Your girls are amazing. What a blessing for them to be with you !

Love ya!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👸You are a queen


Feb 17, 2022

Not familiar with Veggie Tales Larry, but you look good to me!


Feb 16, 2022

For the record, you’ve got a much cuter nose than Veggie Tales Larry. Love the pic so happy the swelling is going down!


Feb 16, 2022

As a Larry myself, I am honored. It's great to see your picture Sonya. Keep postin'!

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