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Cancer in the day of Covid

San Francisco, one of the most liberal cities on earth, just lifted the indoor mask mandate. For those of us who are immuno-compromised this means that much more fear, that much more isolation as there are fewer and fewer places of 'safety'. I read an article in the Times or NPR the other day about this and it rung so true.

When we arrived in SF a month ago we rejoiced that the majority of people outside were wearing masks, but in this short amount of time it has radically changed. The girls don N95's and I have a Micron HME valve for my stoma (equivalent of an N95) and a KN95 for my face (not really passing air through my nose and mouth but just in case), for our daily walks. We get all our groceries via delivery - Amazon, Safeway, Trader Joes (private courier #kennysconcierge). On occasion when you just need that one more thing the girls brave the corner market with an added face shield - dodging people invading social distancing space, lest they bring back The VID.

We see the photos on instagram of everyone resuming normal life. Ballgames, Zoo's, Restaurants, still seems like a land far away. We are in a bubble like so many other immuno-compromised people who are still dodging the dreaded VID. Should they be lifting the indoor mask mandate? I mean Covid is still here, so why do it? Is it really that hard to slip on a mask before you go into the market? Can't we err on the side of caution for the greater good?

Which brings me to the hospitals. They on the other hand are hanging on tight to the covid protocol when it comes to visitors. So if my 1 visitor is already in the hospital from 8am to 6pm how exactly does them staying overnight increase the likelihood of Covid spreading? I call BULLSHIT. The staff seems in glee to kick all the visitors out so they don't have to deal with advocates for the patients. So they go unchecked, no questions asked. When you are a patient you are vulnerable at best. Even if you are conscious and educated you are a poor self advocate. It's inexcusable at this point that the hospitals do not allow at least one vaccinated visitor at a time 24/7 with a patient. It brings them reassurance, comfort, extra help, and LOVE to help them heal.

*photo above: getting my fourth booster this week

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