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I have spent a good deal of my life, like most people, working to be successful. First at school and then many years and countless hours building our small business. My Dad always felt it was too much time, maybe you were right Dad - but i didn't know any other way to operate.

Cancer, enter stage right. Work faded away in the blink of an eye and the only thing that is in focus is my family. I have always valued my family, don't get me wrong. But when faced with a health crisis literally nothing else is in focus. My daughters have put their entire lives on hold to care for me - and that's a lot to give up when you are in the prime of college. My husband is doing double time to run our business. Okay you might expect that from your immediate family. But the support, love, and overwhelming generosity and kindness by my ENTIRE family including even friends from long ago, brings me to my knees with humbleness. I'm not sure that i deserve it, honestly...but the love i have been shown is what makes this fight doable, it drives me more than success every has or ever will.

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