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Glossy gets a fitting!

Glossectomy Girl, or Glossy as her friends call her, just got fitted for her new superhero mask!

While sitting on the flat stretcher of the CT machine the two techs quickly brought out a soft warm heavy plastic mesh and whipped it over my face and upper torso. The clicking of it locking into place was a bit unnerving. I focused on breathing slowly. I visualized that i was in a spa and getting a facial treatment - like some sort of mud facial. The techs gently pushed it down so it hugged my face. As it started to cool they cranked up the CT and away i went. Right when i got inside a tickle started to form in my throat. It took all my willpower not to honk the horn in my hand. I slowed my breathing again and swallowed a few times and bore through it. About 20 minutes later the snaps were popped and the mold lifted. AHHHHHHHH.

I will don this mask every weekday for 33 days for about 15 minutes a pop for targeted radiation, starting March 17th. Phase 2 of kick cancers ass has commenced!

Go Glossy go!

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