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Homemade Peg Juice

I tried to find recipes for Peg formulas in vain. I even bought one online recipe book and was so disappointed when it had ingredients like 'whole wheat bread'. Why on earth would I put anything less than nutrient rich whole foods in my Juice? So Culinary Artists we are becoming!

Let me preface this by saying my goal here is to have a whole food plant based diet, such as Forks over Knives. I started by defining my Macros and caloric intake and running it by my nutritionist.

Now comes the fun! We (my personal chef daughters and i) are experimenting with recipes. One of the biggest challenges, strangely enough, its getting these to my calorie goals. Right now I'm still doing 3 Kates Farm meals + 1 homemade meal a day so the homemade one can be around 250 calories whereas the Kate Farms are 455 calories for HALF the volume. So I am brainstorming on some high calorie nutritionally packed add ins moving forward.

On the first round i tried to shove everything but the kitchen sink into the Juice! This made for a frenzied cooking scene! It also didn't have enough high water content items so we ended up adding a lot of water. Hey, its a learning process! (some of Peg1 ingredients shown left)

Today was Peg 2: Breakfast Boost - I decided to focus on fruits with a solid underpinning of veggies. Ela tasted it (remember, i don't care about taste because i CAN'T taste) and said it tasted mostly like spinach and zucchini. It turned out a lovely cheery green and went down smooth baby! *

*syringe into the tube into the stomach

*Zucchini + Spinach were steamed. Oatmeal cooked. All items in Ninja for 4 minutes and strained.

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