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It's Gross

Siena and Ela tell me i'm wrong, but they are too nice. The wreckage left by this surgery is gross. I'm sharing the picture of my leg here because it's not really that gross compared to my throat. I'm not ready to share a full face picture. My leg just feels tight and you could walk about with that wound and feel like hey 'i'm a bad ass'. But the incision that was made from ear to base of throat to ear - oh no, that is just gross. It is still leaking 'healing fluid' and some blood. The gaping hole into my trachea changes colors around the edges and threatens to show you a peak of internal organs one should never see. It is covered most of the time with the 'Larry Tube', thank goodness. Of course the tube also collect 'mucus' that is traveling up from the depths of my organs.

I press my lips firmly together all day in order to contain the drool that pours forth from my lips if they part - so please dont make me laugh! My lower face is still all inflated and it makes me grateful for covid, as i cover up with a face mask, a neck mask and a scarf, before exiting the house. Small children are spared from the site.

People have surely endured worse, but lets face it, Normal will never be Normal again.

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