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My First 'Word'

My new anatomy is proving to have certain hidden talents! Now that my mouth is less swollen and they took the tube out, i am working on my 'mouthing' of words a bit more. We discovered to much delight that i can purse my lips and make a puckering noise that just almost sounds like the word BURP. Great fun especially when spit comes hurling out with it - so keep clear folks. With this same technique I can almost approximate the word 'perfect' as well. No sound is really coming from my vocal cords i can just make lip noises, but maybe i could start a whole new language of raspberries and pops.

AHHH but my real new super power is I'm a Larry Tube Luggie Launcher! Give me one good cough and i might just hurl a luggie directly in your eye! Don't piss me off people!

On a more serious note...the meeting with radiation oncology today wasn't all fun and games. My tumor pathology bridges between being adenoid cystic and myoepithilial. For the first time today we heard that adenoid cystic travels well along the nervous system and the place it likes to jump too especially is the brain. WTF. So the strategy for radiation is to put up blockades along the major nerve routes out of the area. Yes please. But lord, radiation sounds horrid. Cross that bridge when we come to it.

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