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Ryan and I

Each day we are walking a little bit further now. You would think it was my leg (14" swatch of flesh extracted) that would be the difficult part of walking. Right? I mean its sore and tight. However in reality its my neck that is making walking challenging. My neck is still so swollen and hard to rotate in any which direction. I look a fair amount like Ryan Reynolds in Just Friends - giant chipmunk cheeks. Only mine are real and are subsiding painfully slow. There are stiches that stretch from ear to tracheostomy to ear with gooey healing fluid ebbing and flowing from it. I know its just over 2 weeks post surgery - i get it. Its not like i'm that vain, but i guess i am at least a little. Anyhow, when you can't rotate your neck or hold your head quite all the way up it puts stress on your back. So that's what hurts when we walk.

Tomorrow we go to our first outpatient appointments with Speech and Dr.Ha (main surgeon), and we are going to try and walk there. It's just an 8 minute walk from the appointment and was no problem at all prior, now it seems like i'm training for a marathon. I'm going to bring home that medal damn it!

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