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AI is not evil.

AI is the future of synthesized vocalization. 

Listen, i'm not a techie. There is SOO much happening in the AI landscape SO quickly that i can't possibly keep up. Here are just a few of the amazing things that are in the works...

I have been very fortunate to work with SpeechMorphing, an AI company that is creating authentic sounding custom speech synthesis. They also are working on an app to run the synthesis and it integrates some of the best features out there!

This is a bomb app by Liopa that is in trials with Lip Reading software!!! Right now it is only being tested in the UK for patients communicating with doctors within hospitals. But i have big hopes here...BIG.

Project Relate is Google Android beta app that is being created to help people with non-standard speech. For people who have partial speech, or hard to understand TEP speech, this could be amazing! Basic premise: it listens to unique non-standard speech, and then speaks it back in a synthesized voice. 


Ann Johnson, a paralyzed stroke victim, has worked with UC Berkeley and UCSF in the development of their brain implant AI speech technology. This is pretty mind blowing stuff. So...if they can read brains can we not get a facial recognition lip reading speaking app here folks? No shade on this's AMAZING!

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