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Liquid Diet on the Go

*only read if you are interested in liquid diets, otherwise you will be bored to tears...okay, you might be anyway but at least you were given fair warning.

I've been in the slow process of weaning myself off of formula (Kate Farms) to a whole food plant based liquid diet. (and flushing out the nutrition section of this site to explain more about that). This trip to UCSF (for my one year scans!) I wanted to keep it up as much as possible. We stay in a hotel that has just a mini fridge in the room and one microwave downstairs.

I packed up my trusty Kitchenaid immersion blender and one glass bowl. I decided to try 'Overnight Oats' individual packets, and brought 1 a day with me. Side note here, these things are not the healthiest...they have too much added sugar. I admit freely that the adds for it sucked me in and i thought, the heck with it i'll be a little reckless! I also packed up a baggie blend of Trader Joes Hemp Protein Powder, Flaxmeal, Pecan flour and chia seeds. Once we arrived i hit Whole foods and bought Malk (oat milk), a few soup boxes, boxes of bean (no can opener needed!), '365' packets of prepared grain combos, fresh blueberries, and a couple individual fruit and protein drinks.

Pre-Breakfast i have a Kate Farms Coffee formula. Breakfast blend is overnight oats with my powder blend, berries and Malk to desired consistency. I am pleasantly surprised that the Kitchenaid is doing plenty of blending for my needs! Lunch is part of a grain packet, box of beans with Malk blended to consistency and nuked. I did add a little Justins Almond butter (individual packets) to my first night but wasn't that keen on the nutty taste it added. I just really like the plain grain/bean taste. Of course my taste is so different, i can't say how this will work for others! Then a box soup (blended as required) for dinner. I supplement sipping on fruit or protein drinks (Remedy, WF cold pressed, Urban Remedy, etc). Finally a Kate's Vanilla for 'dessert'. OH and lest us not forget the daily walk to get some BLUE BOTTLE!!!

side note: It suddenly occurred to me this trip that i should check into airline regulations in regards to my formulas (after dividing the weight to families suitcases and checking our bags previously). DUH, you can carry on medical equipment and FORMULA with no liquid restrictions and it is NOT counted toward your carryon count! You should try to have a doctors note just for insurance, but it is not technically required by TSA. Pack a separate bag with your medical/formulas and be sure to allow a little extra time for the physical inspection and alert TSA. ALSO, I verified with Southwest and American that it wouldn't count as part of my carryon count - this should be the case with most airlines, but double check!

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