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Me, the Obturator and the EL.*

I have grown accustom to not speaking. My thumbs tire of tapping. My fingers flimsy at the end of the day. Sloppy spelling betrays my intelligence. I chose simpler words so i don't lose track. Two years. My thoughts and words are only the written word. My life is a story i'm typing out one syllable at a time.

Of course i am going to try then, to speak. I have a role model and his speech is so clear. I knew that it wouldn't just flow out of my mouth on day one. Of course i did.

I didn't

know is that listening to myself, a litany of fluctuating buzzing, would seem as if i'm standing at the bottom of Mount Everest in a swimsuit.

Out of the hospital, my leg wound was the furthest thing from my mind. I couldn't get up from the a pee without handrails. My daughters pulled me out of a shoe tying. Now, deeply squat and POP UP...i can dig a ditch...i can carry heavy rocks.

Will i ever speak? How many reminders of my vacuous mouth can i endure? Its a hole for liquids to come in. Is it a hole for stories to come out?

My mouth moving wordless, seems more a comfort than the buzzing babbling stream of gibberish.

Is the end game achievable? Nobody knows. Nobody knows.

*hey, i'm fine. but we all have dark moments.

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Dec 03, 2023

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!


Oct 30, 2023

It’s your own pace and you’re amazing…..tackling this and training is arduous…. but you

have no boundaries sonya….. u shine britht like a diamond !!!!!!! You’re a stud ! One day at a time

love u

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